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Hallie Busta


Hallie Busta reports on business and technology for ARCHITECT, Residential Architect, and Architectural Lighting brands at Hanley Wood Media.

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Gardensbtb article
Architect Magazine

An Inside Look at Green Design in Singapore

ARCHITECT explores some of the latest landmark structures in the sustainability-minded island city-state.

Architect Magazine

ArchitectChats Podcasts

Interviews with the innovators working at the cutting edge of design, technology, and practice in architecture.

Lakeflato article
Architect Magazine

Lake|Flato Designs a Not-So-Big-Box Home Improvement Store

For retailer TreeHouse's second location, in Dallas, the San Antonio–based architecture firm conceived a building that reflects the company's sustainability ethos.

Sportsled article

LEDs Shed New Light on Sports

Solid-state lighting is making inroads in professional stadiums, redefining the fan and player experiences.

Rbw article

Rich Brilliant Willing Makes Its Move

The up-and-coming fixture maker is breaking out of Brooklyn to formalize its place in the New York lighting design community and beyond.

Joint article
Architect Magazine

Meet the Future of 3D-Printed Buildings

These prototype parts and systems are made of metal, concrete, and plastic and use computational design to push the limits of form while leaving room to scale.

Apps article
Architect Magazine

Three Augmented and Virtual Reality Apps for Design and Construction

Step inside your CAD and BIM models with new software for mobile devices.

Elevator article
Architect Magazine

How Modern Elevators are Getting Us Where We Need to Go

Going up? ARCHITECT asks elevator-systems manufacturer Schindler to talk about its destination-dispatch system for managing vertical traffic in mid- and high-rise buildings.

Eames article
Architect Magazine

See the Eames's Holiday Card Collection

The designer couple saved Christmas and New Years cards from family and some very high-profile friends.

0501 technology nanomaterials hero article
Architect Magazine

The Promise of Nanomaterials in Architecture

The building blocks of the future are being developed in research labs today.

Whentouseadrone hero article
Architect Magazine

Can I (Legally) Use a Drone?

A look at the status of commercial drone use in architecture, construction, and engineering.

Pdx article
Architect Magazine

PDXcarpet: The Portland International Airport's Quirky Carpet Lives On

How SRG Partnership's 1987 flooring design gained its own celebrity thanks, in part, to social media.

Aedan pendant acuity tcm47 2193423 article

Five Products and Trends Shaping the Market for OLED Lighting

Spoke with panel and fixture makers developing light fixtures that show off the potential for the still-niche technology.

2067698319 intro hall final tcm20 2189595 article
Architect Magazine

Five Trends in Spanish Tile from Cevisama 2015

In its 33rd year, the annual event highlighted improvements in material performance and imaging for ceramic tile.

1528476248 nbm toycollection miltonbradleykindergartenblocks tcm20 2189553 article
Architect Magazine

At the National Building Museum, Construction Toys Get a Second Life

A co-reported piece on the museum's extensive archive.